Quality Control

Quality Control

1. Technological research and development: We have 3 senior technicians and many young and middle-aged technicians. According to the product drawings, we can make corresponding simple processing equipment and precision fixture, so as to meet the requirements of special processing products with complex shapes and high-precision dimensions.


2. Testing: It has many functional, assembling testing and testing equipment, such as magnetic tester, projector, coating thickness tester, metallographic analyzer, salt spray machine, high temperature and humidity test box, etc. It has cooperated with colleges and universities to research and develop AOI full-scale inspection equipment for dimension appearance and successfully applied for a patent.


3. Productivity: It has a lot of processing equipment, such as slicer, centerless grinding, large vertical grinding, special-shaped grinding, cam, instrument car, punching, hole-sleeving machine, wire cutting and so on, with an annual production capacity of 1.2 billion Pcs.

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